Sunday, 4 March 2012


"Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man. If anything made by God can be overcome, anything made by man can be overcome."

Just because I love n admire this great man.. General george s patton..I thought I'll publish his 3rd army speech , he gave in 1944.. He gives me inspiration to be a fighter in life.. A winner n not a loser ..he was the true warrior poet .. It's a marvel ..even in times like now when I'm feeling low cuz of various factors .. I watch him giving this speech .. N it helps me get back on my feet n face the fire with guts n glory.. He was a strong-headed straight forward fellow..who loved the battlefield.. I see parts of him in my father.. Maybe that's why I admire Patton so much..
Respect to thę man.. Who was the first to reach Berlin with his men ....beating even field marshal Montgomery of the British army ..while he(Patton) was low on ammunition, food , fuel n other resources.. (not to mention the forces of nature working against his men as well) while people sacked him n called him an arrogant fool n sent him to ladies meets in England while the rest of the world the end it was Patton who won the war fr the allied forces..his suggestion was to fight the Russians also there n then..his words were "We're going to have to fight the Russians eventually anyway. It might as well be now while we've already got the army here to do it."
:) I love thę way this man thought ..
Here's his speech..

"Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country. Men, all this stuff you've heard about America not wanting to fight, wanting to stay out of the war, is a lot of horse dung. Americans traditionally love to fight. All real Americans, love the sting of battle. When you were kids, you all admired the champion marble shooter, the fastest runner, the big league ball players, the toughest boxers ... Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser.Americans play to win all the time. I wouldn't give a hoot in Hell for a man who lost and laughed. That's why Americans have never lost and will never lose a war. Because the very thought of losing is hateful to Americans. Now, an army is a team. It lives, eats, sleeps, fights as a team. This individuality stuff is a bunch of crap. The Bilious bastards who wrote that stuff about individuality for the Saturday Evening Post, don't know anything more about real battle than they do about fornicating. Now we have the finest food and equipment, the best spirit, and the best men in the world. You know ... My God, I actually pity those poor bastards we're going up against. My God, I do.We're not just going to shoot the bastards, we're going to cut out their living guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks. We're going to murder those lousy Hun bastards by the bushel. Now some of you boys, I know, are wondering whether or not you'll chicken out under fire. Don't worry about it. I can assure you that you'll all do your duty. The Nazis are the enemy. Wade into them. Spill their blood, shoot them in the belly. When you put your hand into a bunch of goo, that a moment before was your best friends face, you'll know what to do. Now there's another thing I want you to remember.I don't want to get any messages saying that we are holding our position. We're not holding anything, we'll let the Hun do that. We are advancing constantly, and we're not interested in holding onto anything except the enemy. We're going to hold onto him by the nose, and we're going to kick him in the ass. We're going to kick the hell out of him all the time, and we're going to go through him like crap through a goose. Now, there's one thing that you men will be able to say when you get back home, and you may thank God for it.Thirty years from now when you're sitting around your fireside with your grandson on your knee, and he asks you, What did you do in the great World War Two? You won't have to say, Well, I shoveled shit in Louisiana. Alright now, you sons of bitches, you know how I feel. I will be proud to lead you wonderful guys into battle anytime, anywhere. That's all."

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Phone-ship :)

It's another new day today.. I had this great conversation with a friend on the phone last night..
N it felt like um speaking on the phone after a gazillion years..
Man I remember how much I used to love talking on the phone a few years back.. I could jus speak for hours on length n not get bored..
I remember wen I got my first cell phone.. How I worshipped it n was awestruck by the cool little features that came in phones at that time..
I can't believe how far I've come from my first cell phone.. I mean with bbm n watsapp.. N push mail.. N LED screens n HD cams in phones.. Phew!! Tech has taken such a leap ...just the push of an icon n this entire virtual world makes way for u..n there's room for everyone... I cannot even imagine the iphones n blackberries the next gen wud be using ... Talkin away to glory with a 3D image being projected out of the phone .. Like a real person was sitting with u n talking.. Fascinating stuff huh!!
Ya so i had this great phone convo last night after an eternity..
U know sometimes how a pointless conversation just transforms into something so good n interesting .. That u wanna go on n on n on.. That's wat happened!!
Man I dun even remember the last time I spoke to some friend for so long.. !!
The graph just went from politics to relationships to those hilariously outrageous n insignificant " omg it's gonna be so funny if that dinner with those people actually happens" moments !!!
So cuz I am in a fix these days n trying to sought out my life a little...
N I just realized that if u really have a friend in ur life ( even a single one ) who really cares fr ur feelings.. Then life gets a little easier to I kno how much I try to be friends with my mum... N u kno wat um very lucky she's good at being friends too..
But still having someone ur age by ur side.. n to be able to just let it all out is too mentally rewarding..
Now this friend can be a relative ( the same age as u) or just someone u kno fr a long long long ( very long) time :)
N u kno after our little long talk I felt that both of us had realized a few new things in our own minds that we were not ready to accept before our sudden convo ..
So it was great.. We both went into it extremely confused..vulnerable..n stressed .. But came out feeling better about our own mental projections..
Gawd !! I had a good laugh after a long time , precisely 18 days ;)
N woke up this morning feeling a little bit positive , a little bit happy n a little bit less stressed out..
So if u really feeling a lil hazed out.. Or jus dizzy cuz u got so much or so little to do in life .. Then pik up the phone.. N talk it out with a friend who genuinely cares for u n wishes ur best!!(Yes i love you my favorite girlfriend)
The good ol' phone to the rescue..!!
Yet again!! ;)
Wat an idea sir jee ;)

Monday, 27 February 2012


Ur joy , ur sorrow, ur sometimes just empty space that I float in.. Just the vacuum of ur being .. I exist as a part of u.. N u exist as a part of me
Ur faith , ur worship , ur melody.. Ur oxygen.. Ur the high, n ur the low
sometimes ur a saint n serenity, sometimes ur evil n harsh n it's the intensity of u that drives me .. That enforces me..that confuses me.. That leads me
Losing self.. No pain no joy no emotions .. Ur my salvation..
U are the calm n quite of the deep blue sea.. N u are thę thunder n lightening of my theatrical existence
Two lives in a deep meditation together as one.. As a whole wordly particle required to complete this entity..
It's complete in its incomplete form
It's beyond emotions , beyond feelings , beyond hurt n beyond content wat we have for each other ..
Ur just one in this world , n ur fr me n I am fr u..
Pure , true , fresh , strong ..ur the sun , ur the moon,ur the fire that burns n ur the rain that serenades.. Ur thirst n ur hunger .. sometimes ur a bright day.. Sometimes ur a dark starless night...
U teach me to live everyday ..
To live right.. To live well.. To LIVE LIFE.. Ur my teacher.. I follow u like a child with a blindfold..
N u lead me into myself.. Giving me wings to fly ..ur my freedom, ur my one n only
we are ONE..we are TRUTH .. we are PAIN.. We are LOVE.. We are YOU N I..

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Casualties of WAR!!

While i read about so many Conspiracy theories n watch all these war movies..
I wonder who are the real people that suffer!!
So many generations in so many cultures of this world have grown under the shadow of war..
N from the eyes of many 23 year olds these things don't have much relevance in their lives..
I have read so much about general George Patton and his greatness in the role of the alied forces in the war against the German regime..
At the same time I have tried to read n learn about hitler n just how he took over half the world..
Both men equally brave.. Both men great soldiers.. But it was in their actions at that high point of authority ..that eventually the former served as an honourable man n the latter committed suicide!!
I guess some men are just born to do something great.. Great can be negative or positive but it's definitely larger than life..
The sorry act by general Musharraf ,who tried to capture our Indian posts ( n called it the works of mujahideen in the beginning ) n then wrote a book about it( in the line of fire) n sold so many copies of an account that he submitted that I think was not even based on real facts..
So many mothers lost their sons , so many children lost their fathers and so many wives lost their husbands..
N ten years later the houses that were made for these widows/families of martyrs of the kargil war became part of
a corruption scandal ( the adarsh colony scam)
What would it take for all of us to stop n take a break from the hostility n pay homage to our heroes.. Men that fought these so many battles in adverse weather/geographical conditions that gave us heart wrenching tales about doing something great that died for our well being ... Have lost in the haze of this jungle created by bitter politics ..
The likes of Capt Saurabh Kalia ( butchered n cut into parts by pak army n then sent home) are still on call for justice.. How many even know this man's name??
Sometimes I feel sorry for my generation because half of us are not even aware of what goes around ..
Our nations army has been declared the best in the world.. N still I dunno how many kno wat has taken fr it to reach these heights ..
How many families sacrifice with a big smile ,the joy of living together.. Because the man of the house is out there.. Away from them.. Trying to work for a nation that he takes pride in.. That he respects .. That he worships ..
Yes every country fights wars n each war has its complications n repercussions .. But we as youngsters need to learn from this that greatness can be achieved by getting out there n doing something.. Salvage urself n aim high.. Alot of the men who lost their lives in the kargil war were sooo young.. How did they reach that level of passion n adrenaline to just do or die.. ??!!
I am amazed by the likes of these men.. N they give me inspiration to live my life in a more dignified manner..
We need to learn to rise above our petty problems n issues n lead a life of no regrets.. The drama of being in the 20s is too exaggerated at times..
There are much bigger challenges that lay ahead.. N I think there is little place in this world fr the weak hearted( Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest)
Let's not constantly be at war with ourselves .. Let's not make our everyday lives battlefields.. Because there are people achieving great things n making massive hits as we whine n crib about our lives being full of problems!!! We all our responsible fr our own actions.. So why not change these actions into greatness??!!
Let's be passionate about our lives.. Let's live like there is no tomorrow .. N let's aim high.. !! Cuz there is already too much mediocrity in this world!!!

Saturday, 25 February 2012


Sometimes every movie , every song , that u come across has some sought of meaning to u..
U start seeing everything and everybody with the prism of that feeling stuck in ur heart..
Thę golden feeling that many have described in poetry.. In writing.. In the magnum opus of cimema.. in thr melody of countless songs(not to mention beegees,Sinatra,Tina turner,Brian Adams ufff ).. n so on n so forth.. -LOVE !!
Love is something that we all ache for.. We all wish for ..n Somehow we never give up on love..
Many have described it as just some enzymes released in our bodies.. That it's all biological..
They say the effect love has on our bodies is similar to wat chocolates have.. ??!! Excuse me.. But I choose to disagree ..( it can never be as complicated as biology !!!)
Love is not jus sunshines and rainbows .. N hugs n kisses...
If u kno real love.. Then u know that if love is joy it's also pain..if its passion it's also jealousy..
I kno it wud be an oxymoron .. But it truly is a painful joy or a joyful pain!!!
Very few are lucky to kno true love..
Even if love hurts 'alot of times' , it's a feeling I wudnt give up fr anything in the world..
I think love is the most imperfect feeling and there is nothing right about it.. Then how come it makes u feel like ur a 10/10 ??!!
Love isn't complicated .. But I think true love is imperfect !!
You really gotta work ur guts off but in the end it's all worth it!!!
Love can be fr god , fr parents , fr ur boyfriend, fr ur husband , fr ur siblings,Fr ur kids, fr nature , fr animals..
It jus has so many levels.. But thę one thing that's common to all these different levels is the purity and passion with which u love..
The dedication towards somebody is never right or wrong .. It's jus there!! It jus exists!! It's not psychological !! It's not conditional and with demands!! It's just there .. N no matter how much u fight it.. Or run from it.. If its true.. It reaches u anyway..
I think love is the most simple uncomplicated and imperfect thing ever..
If ur in ur 20s um sure uve experienced this feeling.. Like me .. All u gotta understand is that.. It just exists.. As a part of ur being.. It's not some mind game u play with somebody.. It's not a battlefield of who dominates who.. It's not about who gives how much n who takes how much.. IT'S JUST THERE.. N it's the sweetest , most wonderful, most beautiful thing .. So let's uncomplicate our minds.. N give it a rest.. Love urself.. Love things around u.. Love ur home, ur family ur body .. With no strings attached fr once..
Nothing wrong can happen.. If ur pure n true at ur end ..
I kno life is not a fairy tale.. But wat if it is.. !!
U should Do ur bit.. And the good will come back to u eventually..
As I've written before .. Be patient.. Accept ur flaws.. Make amends.. N love with an open n pure heart..
Positivity is the way to go .. To live a content life we all must stop n take a break first.. Correct ourselves.. N THEN TAKE THE JUMP!!! take it n dun look back.. Dun think.. Dun fret.. And dun fear..
I think this can be thę mantra to a life well lived n a life well deserved !!! :))
Wat say josay??!! ;)

Friday, 24 February 2012


As human beings how capable are we of change??
If someone tells u they don't like something about u.. Do u even acknowledge the fact that the person might be right!! Mostly the answer to that in my case is ...a bigggg NO !!!
If anybody tells us that a certain thing about us is not right.. Or is not according to a certain way of the world.. Or let's just say is unconventional ... We disregard it without giving it a second thought...
I speak out of personal experience that I don't appreciate anybody ( no matter how close the person) pointing out my flaws in my face!!! But why???!!!
Firstly, Why would somebody expect to change something about u??? N secondly, wat kind of a super human are u.. That u get offended if somebody does so.. ??!!
I know admitting to ur short comings , ur flaws, ur disasters in life( sigh) is very difficult.. ...!! There is atleast a hundred kilometers distance between knowing that u have a flaw n accepting that u have a flaw...
I know um not good at this one thing.. But am I walking that extra 100 kms to accepting it and doing something about it??!!
Ur flaws can be very big or very small..
For some it might be an unhealthy lifestyle which many take for granted..
For someone else it might be the constant need to cheat and betray their partner !! Both are flaws and both can be corrected .. ONLY the first one hurts just u ( honestly u get fat n u get heart attacks..nobody els) but the second one hurts others such as the person being cheated on n the multi persons being cheated with..!!
So flaws are multi-dimensional n multi -layered .
I am not here to judge.. But if I can get this I guess anybody can.. That change is good for life.. Change is not bad..
Wen someone tells u they don't like something about u.. Don't get offended n melodramatic ( ie:why can't anybody accept me as I am!!! )
But just give it a thought.. And if there is any weight in wat that person is pointing at then ACCEPT it and CHANGE it..
Getting rid of ur flaws only makes YOU a better person and nobody else..
If ur my age (or around it )and ur dad tells you exercise n move ur ass a little.. Then do it... There is nothing wrong with wat he's saying.. He only wants u to be a better person ..dont be so rigid and disregard wat ur parents n friends tell u.. Atleast give it a thought..
Being rigid has not gotten anybody anywer.. One has to keep his/her mind open to new things and new possibilities..
The earth is round and not square and you won't fall off if u walk to the corner!!!
So learn to accept change at a young age.. If u can adapt according to problems it doesn't make u shallow.. It only makes u a more sensible and a more -grounded to reality -person
I'm not asking you to switch ur basic principles in life.. And um definitely not saying pick up a drink (la di da!!) n change cuz all ur friends are drunks....!!!!! Hellll no!!!
Um jus saying ACCEPT n WORK on ur flaws .. It's never too late to start a good thing n change a bad habit ;)
Feeling intellectual ,,,;; I am this morning.. ;) am not turning into an agony aunt?!! Am I ??!! ;)

Fashion and all it's dramas !!!!

Wen you are a 23 year old ..There are a few things that make ur heart melt n that just exist as ur being..  It's like a part of ur universe.. and are as important as any other thing such as school and career .  Fashion is now a days as big a statement as ur personality or charm..  Forget rich brats from rich families that can afford anything.. But yesterday I saw my mechanic wearing an Ed hardy tee-shirt with snazzy red sneakers n a leather belt with some kind of metallic embellishments.. Um sure the shirt was a cheap knock off.. N the belt not patent leather.. But still fr him it's his fashion statement !! N trust me it did not look as bad as I described it!! :) So wat is it about this industry that everybody from my mechanic to my PHD professors at college are so into??!!  Wen I see a close friend of mine spending 4-5 lac Indian rupees (omg) on a handbag.. I am forced to think how many countries I cud have travelled with that money.. Or how many hungry children starving to death cud have been fed with it..  How beautiful does a cow or a crocodile or any animal fr that matter have to be.. So that it's killed n the leather made out of its skin is sold at this cost ??!! N then why do u pretend to be a big religious Hindu wen ur carrying a cow butchered n turned into an expensive bag that displays u as a higher member of ur clan , on ur shoulder !! I am a girl so I love bags n shoes n wat not as well.. It's in my DNA n I cannot fight my girl instincts.. U see!!  But yes I am forced to think wat this facade is all about ,at times.. The whole concept of fashion n looking good has become so commercialized now.. That giving it a second thought like I am is sheer silly.. U go out to shop cuz u want to look good at the next party u attend.. But there is nothing available in ur size .. N whatever is available in ur size is just ridiculous with huge funny looking frills n wierd prints and designs..  So if ur over weight cuz ur plain pregnant or menopausal .. Retail therapy is not much therapy but a road down guiltville n feeling bad for urself!!  But yes fashion has its pros:  Fashion has forced people to live healthier lifestyles.. So that they can be fit n keep their looks in shape..  Everybody looks good n who doesn't want to live in a world wer everybody dresses up amazing before stepping out..  Whether we accept it or not but we have all made fashion a biggg part of our lives.. Whether it is by wearing knock offs or originals we are all doing our bits to keep up to date with this concept that has entered our country only over the last decade or so..  What I feel personally is that we should not let fashion command us.. It's not a MENACE n it's not SINFUL!! Instead we should command fashion..  Dun change ur bodies or yourselves to fit the fashion.. But choose the fashion to fit u.. !!  Confidence n self esteem are the biggest fashion statements ..  So even if u can't afford or simply dont want to buy a very expensive bag or  Pair of shoes.. Wear the ones u have with a big smile n confidence n u wud shine( but please dun wear the ones with those funny duplicate diamonds n the ones with the cheap metallic straps; then even god can't help u!!! )  Another thing that beats fashion by miles n miles n miles is TRAVELLING !! Trust me travel is not over rated!!  Wen u travel across different countries cultures etc things like fashion n keeping up with everybody never strike ur mind.. Wen u interact with so many ppl that are different to u n ur likes.. U realize that the world is alot bigger than ur group of friends back home that dwell n swear by who's wearing what n flaunting wat not.. !! I am 23, n I am "sometimes"( in brackets I write sometimes) more interested in TRAVELLING n seeing the world than by the in's n out's mentioned in cosmo n vogue !!  AM I A TWENTIES CRIMINAL ???!! God I hope not !! ;)